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Welcome:For over 40 years Larson Enterprises has manufactured proudly in the USA and supplied the portrait  photography industry with the most reliable light modifiers available. What sets Larson apart? QUALITY


Many people ask... Why do most of the top photographers in the country use Larson? What sets Larson so far apart from the other light modifier products in the industry?

It start with the front panel of our soft boxes, the "diffusion" panel. The diffusion fabric we use is a closely guarded secret, it is the most consistent material available on the market today. Our diffusion material is not made of a plastic blend fabric that can cause hot spots and reflection. The soft even beautiful light you will get when using a Larson Soft Box is in part due to the fabrics we use, they are second to none. Testing  shows Larson is the closest thing to window light you can get on the market today.

Larson's shallow box design is a trademark of a Larson soft box. The depth was an original design allowing the most even light to be dispersed through out the soft box. The light distributed evenly along with the feathered edge or the "sweet spot," on our Larson Soft Box allows you to completely control the light.

The backplate design and top quality high grade aluminum we use to manufacture all of our Larson products allows everything we build to last. All Larson Products have lifetime warrantee. Our boxes and reflectors are constructed for everyday use and abuse. Once you buy a piece of equipment from Larson it will be the last one you need for the duration of your photographic career.

Join the Industries Top Lighting Masters by using the quality of Larson products along with their lighting techniques that make them the best at what they do.... Paint With Light!!

If you are looking for a quality light modifier, coupled with the most natural soft light available, you have no choice - only Larson will do. When you consider the limited lifetime warranty - buy it once, buy it for life.